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International Certifications: EU, China, USA
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Year of Manufacture: 2024
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The data sheet of the NEW Diesel/Heavy Oil Fired Hot Water Boiler WNS

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NEW industrial Diesel/Heavy Oil Fired Hot Water Boiler WNS Fired Boiler Widely used in Chemical plant, Textile plant, Food & Beverage, Garment Factory, Paper Plant, Printing And Dyeing Mill, Cement Plant, Fertilizer Plant, Feed Mills, Sugar Mill, Rubber Factory. Moreover, it is also used for School, Hotel, Bath Center, Swimming Pool, Hospital, Hotel ect.

* Certificates: ISO9001, ISO45001, ISO14001, CE, EAC
* Multi Fuel: Natural gas, LPG, CNG, LNG, hydrogen, biogas, city gas, diesel oil, heavy oil, dual fuel, etc.

WNS series Gas-fired (Oil-fired) boilers are horizontal wet back fire-tube boilers with three pass design. It use threaded flue tube for heat transfer and manages to achieve a thermal efficiency up to 98%. It is a kind of safe and high efficiency heating equipment with full automatic control system.


* Advantages & Features
1.Compact structure, small volume, strong load adaptability and low water quality requirement;
2.The steam boiler have horizontal structure,so the thermal efficiency is higher;
3.It has the three returns design, so exhausted smoke temperature is low;
4.Adopted the latest technology, it is designed with a combustion chamber with large volume.It is equipped with a world-known burner,making the combustion more sufficient and ensuring higher efficiency and lower failure rate.
5.It adopts advanced corrugated furnace pipe structure,increasing the heat surface area, and satisfying free expansion of the furnace pipe after heating.
6.It adopts wet back structure with high reliability and low maintenance cost.The wet type flue gas flow and compact structure to prevent the tube plate cracking,Science and calculate the heated area, output assured;
7.It has protective functions of overtemperature, overpressure, water shortage, leakage detection and flameout, ensuring safe and reliable operation.Double pressure gauge, water level gauge, safety valve, double assurance, escort for the safe operation of boiler.

* Boiler System


1. Burner ---- Italy Brand Baltur Burner, or customers could designate the brand;
2. Electric Control Cabinet ---- Fully automatic PLC control system, English display;
3. Water Pump ---- Customer could designate the brand, and the boiler could adopt variable frequency water supply, save energy and decrease operation cost;
4. Economizer ---- The boiler could equipped with economizer based on customers requirement, to improve boiler thermal efficiency;
5. Water Treatment Equipment ---- Based on the water quality, could equipped with different water treatment equipment, generally, there are soften water treatment and reverse osmosis water treatment equipment.
The above is standard, other accessories are available, like condensed water recycling equipment, deaerator, pressure tank, etc. More question please send us your inquiry!

In-sale service:
We keep 24 hours online and keep close contacts during the production process to ensure on time delivery with perfect finished product.
After-sale service:
1. provide full range of original spare parts.
2. Engineers abroad installation and commissioning service is available.
3. Our engineers will held a training for boiler workers to ensure the safe operation.
4. Free maintenance and repair for one year and lifelong service.
NEW industrial Diesel/Heavy Oil Fired Hot Water Boiler WNS

The specification of the Diesel/Heavy Oil Fired Hot Water Boiler WNS

Model WNS1.05 Diesel/Heavy Oil Hot Water Boiler
Rated Power (MW) 1.05
Working Pressure (MPa) 0.7
Efficiency (%) 91~93
Fuel consumption Light Oil (kg/h) 98.5
Fuel consumption LNG (Nm3/H) 119.4
Fuel consumption CG (Nm3/H) 253.7
Weight (kg) 3400
Shipping Dimension Length×Width×Height (mm) 3500×1800×2050

Model WNS 1.75 Diesel/Heavy Oil Hot Water Boiler
Rated Power (MW) 1.75
Working Pressure (MPa) 1
Efficiency (%) 91~93
Fuel consumption Light Oil (kg/h) 164.2
Fuel consumption LNG (Nm3/H) 198.9
Fuel consumption CG (Nm3/H) 422.8
Weight (kg) 4800
Shipping Dimension Length×Width×Height (mm) 4500×1950×2300

Model WNS 2.1 Diesel/Heavy Oil Hot Water Boiler
Rated Power (MW) 2.1
Working Pressure (MPa) 1
Efficiency (%) 91~93
Fuel consumption Light Oil (kg/h) 197
Fuel consumption LNG (Nm3/H) 238.7
Fuel consumption CG (Nm3/H) 507.3
Weight (kg) 6682
Shipping Dimension Length×Width×Height (mm) 4800×2000×2500

Model WNS4.2 Diesel/Heavy Oil Hot Water Boiler
Rated Power (MW) 4.2
Working Pressure (MPa) 1
Efficiency (%) 91~93
Fuel consumption Light Oil (kg/h) 394
Fuel consumption LNG (Nm3/H) 477.5
Fuel consumption CG (Nm3/H) 1014.6
Weight (kg) 12400
Shipping Dimension Length×Width×Height (mm) 7850×2750×3460

Model WNS7 Diesel/Heavy Oil Hot Water Boiler
Rated Power (MW) 7
Working Pressure (MPa) 1
Efficiency (%) 91~93
Fuel consumption Light Oil (kg/h) 656.7
Fuel consumption LNG (Nm3/H) 795.8
Fuel consumption CG (Nm3/H) 1691
Weight (kg) 15300
Shipping Dimension Length×Width×Height (mm) 8600×3770×4150

1. The hot value of LNG: 8500kal/Nm3, hot value of light oil: 10300kal/Nm3, hot value of the city coal gas: 4000kal/Nm3
2. Parameter is for reference, if any changes, should follow the actual drawing.


10 tons steam boiler for fruit and vegetable juice processing
Model WNS-10
Application Fruit juice industry
Capacity 10 ton

15tph SZS series gas-fired saturated steam boiler project for building material industry
Model Steam boiler
Application Building material
Capacity 15 ton

30T/H Gas Fired Condensing Boiler used for food processing
Model Gas Fired Condensing Boiler
Application food & beverage
Capacity 30t/h

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Warranty terms service
12 months since arrival at destination port
With professional service teams and exceptional skills, we focuses on clients and provides whole-life cycle and whole-process service including delivery training, on-site service, maintenance, spare-part supply and secondhand disposal, etc.
Also can be extended warranty services according to customer requirements when both sides negotiated.

Special prices for:   African countries: Angola, Sudan, Libya, Chad, Niger, Mali, South Africa, Ethiopia, Mauritania, Egypt, Tanzania, Nigeria, Namibia, Mozambique, Zambia, South Sudan, Somalia, Madagascar, Botswana, Kenya, Cameroon, Morocco, Zimbabwe, Republic of the Congo, Guinea, Ghana, Uganda, Gambia, Djibouti, Rwanda, Burundi, Tunisia, Sierra Leone, Benin, Liberia, Senegal, Gambia, Cameroon, Morocco and for China, India, Malaysia, Pakistan, Tailand, Australia, New Zealand, Kuwait, Jordan, UAE, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Mongolia, Uzbekistan, Ecuador, Panama, Guyana, Cuba, Venezuela, Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Algeria, Bolivia. Lowest prices and great discounts from multiple units.

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Manufactured by: Taiguo Boiler
International Certifications: EU, China, USA
Category: Gas & Oil Fired Boilers
Mileage Hrs/Kms: 0
Year of Manufacture: 2024
The price: P.O.A.
  QTY Available:   3
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